BTL Mortgages Scotland

Website Design & Development

The Challenge:

The client approached Aria Web to create a brand new website for their business as tehy had been operating without one for some time. They wanted it to be informative and make clear they specialise in helping landlords expand their portfolio (while not forgetting about other types of buyers). We also discussed having interactive, conditional forms to help with their client data capture so they could eliminate using google docs.

We like to create a quick moodboard for the client that helps visualise the direction the website will go.

Design Version 1:

The first design incorporated more of the blue tones in the CTA to draw attention and we opted for a tabbed section to list the client’s services. Ultimately we felt the blue was quite jarring and a muted green would work better. Although this design wasn’t used for the homepage it gave us a great jumping off point for the internal pages.

Design Version 2:

We decided it was best to ditch the blue and go for a monochromatic look for the site, we also switched up look of the page by going with full width rows and full column images. This design felt more inline with what the client was looking for, so this is what we sent over! They loved it. The reason we opted for the mint background was to make the site feel less corporate as the client is a friendly, approachable service provider.

The Outcome:

You will see from the finished site that the internal pages incorporated a similar feel to the first version of the homepage design as we felt this was a nice way to separate the internals from the homepage. We wanted all of the CTAs to lead to the client’s enquiry form unless the user wanted to calculate their own mortgage using the built in calculator.

Of course, due to most websites being viewed on mobile, we had to consider this when designing, so we opted for left aligned text in most if not all areas of text as this is much easier for users (especially those with accessibility issues) to get the essential mortgage information.

I couldn’t be happier with the service

I’m not a technical person at all so I really needed some hand holding though this. The process was great from start to finish and I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Ross!

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