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showcase of the Fallain Fitness website in three square images and a mobile mockup

The Challenge:

To improve the usability of their site and streamline the user journey. The team at Fallain Fitness built their site in Shopify, however, their theme had strong limitations and were unsure on what they could do or even how to do it.

To bring more of the clients brand identity to the forefront of the site.

The Outcome:

The team at Aria spent some time working around the Shopify restrictions to be able to create a better user flow. By using custom code to improve the basic theme Fallain had we managed to create a more brand accurate feel.

The client had worked with a branding agency, so we were given a lot of material to work with, yet the client wasn’t currently utilising their brand elements.

Now the website has a more consistent feel and connects better with the client socials.

As part of the Healthcheck we also check how well the site was performing.

With this information we were able to clear out a lot of unused Shopify add-on’s that were slowing the site down and help increase the load time on mobile.

We also trimmed up the Meta descriptions and ALT tags to help improve the sites SEO rankings.

Each page now has on-brand, consistent page headers. The website before this either did not have a header at all or was simply just text.

Aria also mocked up some possible options for the homepage header that included product photos, but the client decided to keep it simple.

I was incredibly impressed

…with the detailed feedback Ross provided on my website and areas of opportunity I hadn’t considered to improve our customer experience. Now our website runs a lot quicker and looks way better than before! I’d highly recommend using Ross and will certainly be using his services again.

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