Mortgage Journey

Website Design & Development

showcase of the mortgage journey website in three square images and a mobile mockup

The Challenge:

Phoebe & Lauren are a new mortgage advisory firm based in Edinburgh. They were looking for a website that reflects their personality, and is clear for the user to find the relevant information they are looking for.

They wanted bright colours that weren’t associated to your typical mortgage advisors, which also matched their personalities.

They were also looking for Gsuite email and Google MyBusiness set up.

Finding the Brand

a pink velvet couch with cellophane wrapped around it

The client loved this shade of pink and felt it suited their business well.

a brick building with two white doors one side a bright pink brick and the other a bright blue brick

After a deep search based on the first pink, I found this colour combination, sent it and the client knew this would be the brand

Colours Finalised
We altered the shades slightly darker to be more accessible on the screen.

The Design Stage

We went through many iterations of the homepage design

The Outcome:

The ladies at Mortgage Journey got a website that reflected their personality and stood out from the typical advisor corporate site. We adjusted the colours one final time on the site to a more purple shade than pink so not to isolate the business as a woman’s company.

We also used brand elements as backgrounds so that it will create a consistent look between their website and the social pages.

The ladies are the faces of the business, so we we’re keen to make sure that they were prominent throughout the site so that users will be familiar with them even before working together.

I couldn’t be happier with the service

I’m not a technical person at all so I really needed some hand holding though this. The process was great from start to finish and I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Ross!

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